Security System Services

Security Systems

Security is a growing concern that demands more attention in world full of risks.  Work with the experts at IEC that can assist with identifying solutions, installation, maintenance and repair.  Our certified team of experts can work with nearly any brand and/or product in the industry, and we have affordable solutions for small to large organizations.

Keep your facility safe with a variety of solutions from IEC, including IP cameras and encoders, CCTV, digital recording systems, telephone entry systems, intrusion security, trace detection, electronic locking systems, access control systems, integrated security video systems, and more.  We are the only local company that offers door gates from Door King.

Accountability is paramount to the success of organizations. IEC is a Tennessee state licensed alarm systems contractor with offices in Chattanooga and Nashville. We install and maintain security systems, offering great service and knowledgeable staff to reliably and affordably keep industries protected against a variety of potential hazards such as fire, burglary, breaking and/or entering, intrusion, shoplifting, pilferage or theft, vandalism, or civil unrest.

Customers appreciate our great service, expertise and ease of solutions.  We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we’ll do it.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Industries Served


Protect sensitive information and facility areas with security layers.


The threats to our banks and other institutions grow increasingly complex, but technology is also a weapon to fight back against brazen attacks.


Protect lives and preserve privacy for vulnerable stakeholders

Skilled Nursing

Vulnerable populations can include populations suffering from conditions such as dementia, making secure systems of controlling access to facilities a key concern.


Keep operations running smoothly by preventing theft and sabotage.


Community groups often operate from areas of greatest need, including neighbors where poverty can present a heightened risk of burglaries and vandalism. Safety must be taken into account.


Stores must prevent shoplifting to protect against losses and preserve the sense among shoppers that storefronts are safe and fun to visit.


Protect against theft by providing employees with incentives to obey rules while also giving them the confidence they need to focus on the mission at hand instead of worrying about their personal safety in the workplace.