Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection

IEC offers competitive pricing and great service from our staff of 22 employees who can install and service almost any fire alarm or security system on the market today. A dedicated account representative ensures that we do what we say, when we
say we’ll do it. The ease and reliability of our solutions are what makes IEC the provider of choice across East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, North Georgia, and North East Alabama.
Nicet Certified

We offer the best technology in fire alarm systems which include a variety of:

  • Addressable Intelligent Systems
  • Conventional Systems
  • Large Area Networked Systems
  • SignalFire Video Smoke Detection
  • Fire System Management Software

We are the exclusive Siemens dealer in Chattanooga, and one of the few Siemens dealers in Nashville offering some really exciting products.  For example, the Siemens Cerberus Pro is an Addressable Intelligent System that communicates the precise location of problems, identifying exactly where fires are occurring and improving response time for emergency responders. Speed at the start of a fire enables appropriate action early to respond to or detect fire, heat, smoke or other byproducts of combustion. Minimizing any resulting damage saves organizations money on the back end with the reduced need for recovery.

We also feature Hochiki and Protectowire.  Please contact us to learn more about a customized solution for your facility.

Industries Served


As licensed providers of fire protection systems, agencies can rest assured that IEC staff have been properly vetted.


The safety of vital documents and financial records is core to customer confidence in institutions.


Target risk sectors in medical offices such as flammable items like oxygen tanks

Skilled Nursing

Staff face many challenges in ensuring the safety of those entrusted in their daily care, including the mitigation of hazards and advance warning before evacuations.


Prevent fires from igniting and spreading across facilities, causing loss of life and property.


Protecting facilities and materials is vital to the survival of organizations charged with making the most of limited resources, including stored goods on which the community relies.


Getting in front of potential fire hazards impacts insurance and protects against losses that can be the difference between a banner year and bankruptcy.


Protective systems can function as an important safeguard that protects human resources regardless of turnover and personnel changes that might normally result in chaos and confusion.