Fire Suppression Services

Fire Suppression

IEC is a leader in Fire Suppression services such as installation, repair and inspection in Southeastern Tennessee.  We offer the best technology solutions and products that we have carefully vetted as the top offerings in the industry.  We have worked with numerous contractors on a variety of jobs, and they will confirm that we have a great reputation and are a trusted supplier in the industry.

A few items that set us apart from our competitors include:

  • competitive pricing and affordability for small and large companies
  • great customer service with real people from the local area
  • exclusive Siemens dealer in Chattanooga, and one of a few in Nashville
  • 22 employees with expertise in the industry and can service almost any system
  • we do what we say, and when we say we’ll do it
  • high quality work – we rarely have to come back & fix things
  • great relationships with our customers
  • the same expert will work with a customer from the initial consultation, installation, client support and maintenance
  • all pricing is disclosed upfront – there is never a need for surprise upgrades required later in the project

Fire suppression systems are effective, easy to use, and create safety for people, key assets, facilities and the environment.  General contractors, electrical contractors, architects, engineers, and owners of commercial buildings will all appreciate IEC’s offerings of fire suppression systems such as Clean Agent Systems, Special Hazards Systems, Inert Gas Systems, Aerosol Suppression Systems, Extinguishers, and more from brands like Siemens, Silent Night, Fike, Hochiki, Fire Pro, Firelite, Protectowire, Safety Technological Integration, and UL-listed Central Station Monitoring.

Whether you’re dealing with open flames or vapors, IEC’s suppression products can put your facility in a stronger position to deal with worst case scenarios as they happen. Mitigating disaster is the responsible thing to do. Automatic suppression solutions offer a layer of protection for employees and inventory.

Industries Served


Preserve records and resources with fire suppression technology that ultimately saves taxpayer money.


Trust is the name of the game when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of vital papers in bank safe deposit boxes or the preservation of transaction records.


Evacuating patients with life-threatening conditions takes time. Fire suppression systems can save lives.

Skilled Nursing

Time is the enemy when hazards place those with mobility issues in danger, but suppression technologies give life-savers the benefit of extra seconds to act.


Avoid catastrophic damage to facilities and inventories while protecting the lives of employees.


Upfront pricing and great customer service give volunteers and staff the comfort of knowing that someone has their back.


IEC's high-quality work, getting it right the first time, minimizes the disruptive impact on stores that count on getting high foot traffic in the business as soon as possible.


Minimize the frequency and risk of human error with suppression technologies, plus quality repair and inspection services that remain consistent even if the faces in the front office change.