S2 Magic Monitor Control

S2 Magic Monitor enables security, safety, and informational content to be dynamically presented anywhere throughout the enterprise. S2 Magic Monitor appliances provide plug-and-go client solution options ranging from single displays to expansive video walls. A software-only solution is also available.

Video streams from any S2 NetVR server can be directed to any local or remote Magic Monitor display, simply by dragging and dropping cameras within the user interface. Other features include video playback from a live video stream, digital zoom on a live or recorded video stream and on-screen PTZ controls. Integrated advanced forensics make it easy to search, review and catalog video.

Much more than a video client, S2 Magic Monitor projects digital content such as images, signage, RSS feeds, television and promotional videos to any Magic Monitor in the system. Standard widgets for time zone clocks, traffic, weather and news feeds are built in.

S2 Magic Monitor content is easily shared with other Magic Monitors in real time, whether on command or when triggered by S2 NetBox events and alarms. Emailed exports can be shared as images, clips or forensic cases with colleagues, managers or law enforcement.

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