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Facing challenges with with your HR technology ecosystem?  IEC can assist with best in class solutions to improve employee data flow unifying your HR ecosystem.  Whether its employee applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance tracking, payroll and or other Human Capital Management (HCM) processes.

In fact, it maybe easier than you think to get practical options to solve those challenges. First step is to simply click the “Contact” menu item above or call (423-267-6611). We’ll schedule a time to carefully listen to understand those challenges’.  We’ll then assess your information and get back with you in short order to hear solutions and our value propostion.

Just need to fix problems with employee time and attendance tracking? Our cloud based time solution ranges from basic time tracking to more complex tools to assist with compliances such as overtime, attendance rules, scheduling, PBJ, ACA, Certifications and much more.

Customer service and support has always been our highest priority with a well-trained staff with years of experience. When customers call, our IEC experts have already built a working relationship with Clients and quickly get the answers they need. You won’t be assigned a random tech through an 800 number in a faraway service center. Our focus is on reliability, speed, and maintaining long-term relationships, all toward complementing your organization’s mission.

We are longtime members of SHRM and exhibitors at trade shows such as the TN SHRM and THCA/TNCAL Convention and Expos. We keep up with the latest information affecting time, payroll, and HCM that touches the culture and concerns of our Customers.

Take that first easy step, by calling (423)267-6611 or click the “Contact” menu item above. We can schedule a ‘discovery call’ to listen carefully to better understand what your ‘wish list’ and share our recommendations.

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Industries Served


Eliminate the labor expense of using inefficient paper time cards, manually calculating overtime rates to be in compliance with policies and compiling multiple payrolls from different locations across school districts.


Banks need to be able to quickly summarize and analyze employee information to make staffing, scheduling and leave management decisions. Wage, overtime and vacation-use reports are also critical. ESS simplifies time tracking and ties all locations to one database.


Manage the complexities associated with reporting and filing forms associated with the Affordable Care Act.

LTC Skilled Nursing

Keeping track of hourly wage increases associated with working at certain times of the day or week and meeting mandated staff-to-patient ratios. Fast PBJ Reporting and "Seeker" to get open shifts filled - fast!


Track absenteeism and late employees while also getting a grip on complex, contractually-stipulated rules and irregular schedules for shift workers.


Groups serving the public good must do more with less money. Time and Attendance software allows them to schedule the right people at the right time while managing compliance with the rules that govern their status.


Attendance Enterprise helps stores to identify seasonal trends and schedule their workforce accordingly.


Manage labor resources through smart scheduling and allow time to be allocated to different projects.

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